Thursday, October 27, 2011

Warm & Cool/Sun & Moon

I love the feeling that comes with a successful project. 
One that the process excites the students and the results are amazing looking!

This was one of those projects and again I have to thank and all the innovative art teachers who pin their own projects and those they find all over the web. I came across this blog post pinned on Pinterest The project peaked my interest and I immediately thought it would be great using chalk pastels and metallic paint. I was reviewing the color wheel with 3rd graders and discussing warm and cool colors - so this was perfect. 

We spent an art class discussing profile view versus front facing view and drawing out our sun and moon.
We reviewed the color wheel and warm and cool colors. 

The next class was spent learning how to use the  soft pastels and adding warm colors on the sun side and cool on the moon side. As students finished or after class I sprayed the drawings with hair spray (be sure
to do this in a well ventilated area).  

The last class was spent adding additional interest using metallic paint - gold on the warm side and silver on the cool side.

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