Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh the Faces iMake with 3rd Graders!

Today I introduced the iPad to my 3rd graders at one of my schools. I've been attempting to get funding for iPads to use with my Art students - so far no luck. There are a couple of grants coming up that may help me out - but until then I will use my own iPad with as many students as I can.

I tend to do a lot of portraits with my students this time of year. Each grade usually does a portrait or self-portrait in a different style or medium. I thought the Faces iMake app would be great to use with my third grade classes. I showed the students the app using the document camera so they would know how to use it. I also gave some basic instructions on how to use the iPad. I was surprised at the number of my students who had never had the opportunity to use an iPad - but I was happy to be able to give them that opportunity. I explained that each group of students would be creating a portrait together using the app. Kagan cooperative learning is a big initiative in our district so this fit right in!

After showing them the Faces iMake app, we discussed how we could use the same collage technique in a traditional way. I gave them instructions on choosing a paper for a face shape of their choice. This could be cut out in a realistic style or an abstract style. They then had access to a bunch of magazines that they could cut from to create the features on the face.

Students started on these works of art and I chose one table of students to begin with using the iPad. The entire class was very motivated during the art time. I made it very clear that only students that showed they were responsible and respectful would be able to use the iPad.

Because I had a lot of demonstrating to do during this class period, not too many groups got a chance to use the iPad today. They were all excited with the project and were not happy when I called clean up time!

Here are a couple of the paper face collages in progress - 


  1. I love your site! Thank you for sharing. I have also had a hard time getting ipads in the art room. I have recently started asking class room teachers to bring in their class ipads (they have two in each room). This helps, but having only two ipads for a class of 20 makes it difficult to give each student much time to complete a project. However one or two ipads is better than nothing.Good Luck with your Grants!

    1. Michelle - I'm glad you like my blog....I'm planning on lots of posts during my Christmas break to catch up on all the fun things going on in my classrooms. I'm happy to say that I did get one grant the end of last school year and now have 6 iPads to use with my art students. This has made it a bit easier...having 6 students at a time working on them or them working in groups. I'll post some examples of what we have done very soon. Good luck with yours...keep looking for ways to get more! Merry Christmas!!