Saturday, September 14, 2013

Art Room Job Poster

Wow! Been a while since my last post. Busy...Busy!

I have a lot of things listed on my To-Do list that I keep in my iPhone "Reminder" app. It seems as I check one off I add at least a couple more. One that has been on the list for quite awhile is making an Art Room job poster for my 3 schools. I assign various jobs to students each art time. I do this by selecting a certain number that corresponds to a student at the table. I have a colored mat on each table that has numbers painting on it. You can see this in the picture below.

Our school district uses Kagan Cooperative learning techniques and the numbers are used for that. They do come in handy even more in Art to have different students do different things. So each week I might say 1s are in charge of collecting folders and 2s are taking care of water cups. If a number I called wasn't there the job went to their shoulder partner. Sounds good right? was until I kept forgetting to mark down who did what when so that the jobs would rotate around the table. With 3 schools, 27 classes, and let's face it age it just stopped being easy to keep track of. I'd ask the first class that came in for the week, "Who were folder helpers last week?" Of course more than one hand would go up at each table.

So I wanted to create a poster to help the students and myself know just who's turn it was to do what. I had a design in mind and finally this past week finished making 3 of them.

I laminated the palette, brush, and paint splats with jobs written on them. I laminated the numbered circles separately. I chose 5 jobs that are needed most in my rooms. "Dusty's Helper" refers to my dustpan and broom that has a face painted on it. "Dusty's his's his game." Adhesive backed velcro on the numbers lets me rotate them each week. 

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