Friday, December 27, 2013

I Heard You Can Draw! - Book Review

About a month ago I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful book with my students. 

 It's a story that reminds us, as artists, to be true to ourselves. Young Sarah was caught by her teacher drawing in class. Her classmates discovered her artistic talent and began to ask her to draw all kinds of things for them. 

My students enjoyed the book. A couple of classes even asked me to read it a second time! After reading the book I asked the students to be book reviewers with me. 

Here's some of the things they had to say:
"I like that it is funny."  "I love the rhyming words."  "I've never seen a book before that lets you draw in the last pages!" (The end of the book contains a small sketchbook for students to draw whatever they want.)

Things that I liked about this book:
One of the first things I noticed was it taught many of my students a new vocabulary word. It was in bold so the students knew they needed to stop and figure out what it meant. 

Another important aspect of the book I enjoyed was the message. It told students to be their own artist. What they want to draw and express is far more important than what others may want. Be true to yourself!

I congratulate M. D. Savran on a wonderful book that every art teacher should share with students!

You can get your copy at Amazon. Visit the I Hear You Can Draw blog for more information about this book, the author, and more. 

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