Friday, January 11, 2013

iPad Art - Our Chalk Cupcakes Go Wild - Digitally!

Our chalk cupcakes got even sweeter when we had fun with iPad apps!

I photographed the students' chalk cupcakes for Artsonia, as I do with the majority of artwork created. Because I planned on having the students use these images on the iPads, I also created folders in Dropbox with each class's pics.
My 4th grade students (and a few 5th graders in my 4/5 split) learned how to find their cupcake image in Dropbox and download it to the camera roll, on the iPad they were using. I introduced two apps to the whole class using the iPad connected to the projector. I showed the students how to open the app, upload their picture from the camera roll, and how to adjust settings until they liked the creation. I then showed them how to email the finished image to me. I didn't spend a long time on this demo in front of the whole class though. Instead I spent more time with the first 6 students (I currently have 6 iPads) on teaching them more in depth. Then after they finished their digital images, those students chose another student to teach. This cycle continued until all students were finished. By learning and then teaching to another person you retain more knowledge.

One of the apps we used was the Percolator App. It has a lot of manipulations and adjustments that can really transform one artwork into another!

The other app we used was PhotoTropedelic  It's a very fun colorful app!

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  1. You had me at cupcakes :)
    Seriously, though, I really envy your technology skills!! It's always been one of my weaknesses. So your blog will be helpful in giving me ideas of how to integrate art with technology. Thanks for sharing this cute lesson!

    1. Thank you! I love technology and love even more to integrate it with please feel free to email me, tweet me or whatever if you ever have any questions!

  2. I am so jealous that you have 6 iPads! I have 4 computers but the fire walls we have set up make it so hard to upload pictures. . I will start filling and learning from you as I blog!

    1. Boo to firewalls!!!
      I just visited your it! Added it to my following list.