Friday, January 11, 2013

Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Chalk Cupcakes - 4th Grade

4th Grade students learned about American artist Wayne Thiebaud while creating these yummy-looking artworks.

After we spent some time learning about Thiebaud, students were able to practice using chalk pastels to make a drawing of a ball. We went through how to make an object look more 3-dimensional by using highlights and shadows. They practice blending and keeping fingerprints and smudges off their work. We also talked about being safe and smart with the dust that is created. No blowing or wiping away the dust. Instead it is tapped off into a garbage can.

The next class students worked on their cupcake. I think the practice they had really helped students feel more confident about created their cupcake.

Here's some of my favorites -

We will also be transforming our cupcakes using one of two iPad apps. *that post here*
And...our 2D cupcakes will go 3D with a clay project!

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