Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Creative Faces - A Great Sub Lesson

Jump start your students' creativity with this fun lesson. 
Even this control freak of an art teacher was able to feel confident leaving this one for a sub lesson!

My favorite construction paper to use with my Elementary students is Pacon's Tru-Ray paper. It's a fade-resistant paper that's great for all kinds of projects. For years I've unwrapped the plastic from the bundles of paper, tossed the plastic in the garbage, but couldn't toss the cover sheet that comes with each pack.
That smiling sun face looked up at me each time. I had remembered seeing an example somewhere of this face collaged into an artwork and knew I had to save these up for just the right project.

I left this lesson for a couple classes when I had a professional leave day.

The lesson's a simple one! What could this face be instead of a sun face?

Students cut out the face and glued it somewhere on a white paper and then went at it with crayons. Their creative problem solving brought a smile to my face when I went through the work the students did while I was away. It kind of made me jealous I wasn't there to see them work on the project. I can imagine what their conversations were as they figured out what they were doing with that smiling face.
These are a couple of my favorites -

You can see more on our Artsonia Gallery.

So...Stop throwing those sun faces away today!!


  1. Its actually a great idea to use lots of different images from magazines to jump start and extend their drawing and creativity

  2. Hi, Theresa..........I hope you don't mind. I linked to this blog post from my blog, ArtSubLessons. jan

  3. What a fantastic, yet simple, lesson to leave for a sub! I'm saving this one for future reference for sure. Thanks so much!