Monday, January 27, 2014

Tints and Shades With a Cherry On Top

4th Graders create a delicious project while learning about tints and shades. 
Blue Raspberry Mint Chocolate Smurf
Students discussed how to change a color's value - to make it lighter and darker. As we discussed what would happen if we added white or black to a color, I demonstrated by mixing the colors and painting on a 12x18 paper that was divided up into 7 sections.

Students then chose their color and paired up to share paint. They were given their color + black & white. We divided up the paper and students made little notes on each section if they thought they would need the refresher of what colors they were creating.
This was my guide that I hung up for them to see -

Students spent the next two classes putting together their ice cream cones. They first made a stencil for the scoop of ice cream from tagboard to make them all similar in size. We discussed how we liked them better constructed - dark to light or light to dark. Most decided they liked the look of dark to light because the lightest tint looked great next to the darkest shade of the cone. Some chose to go light to dark. They were able to add some sequin "sprinkles" and had to come up with a name for their flavor. 

See more of our finished ice cream cones on Artsonia -> Tints & Shades with Cherry on Top