Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grant Wood Inspired Landscape Collage

A fun collage project with painted papers!

I was getting one of my favorite lessons from last school year ready to send into The Teaching Palette today and decided I'd post it here. My goal for this blog is to share all the project I did last school year here. I find so many great ideas from all of you creative art teachers that I want to be sure and give back some great ideas. As art educators we are always "stealing" from each other to better our own lessons for our students. I think we are the one group of professionals that do not care if our ideas are copied!

Any way...back to the lesson - 
This project took me 3 art days with my students. I took one day to introduce Grant Wood to them and we discussed his art - especially landscapes. We talked about how he showed distance and space in his paintings and we talked about how the sections of land contained different lines, colors, and textures.

Day 2 was their favorite - and mine! A busy art studio day of painting papers using brushes and lots of other painting tools to create texture, color, and design into the papers. The ooo's and ah's that I heard as they looked around at each other's papers. "How did you get that?! Oh...can I use that tool next?!"
It was a fun art time of total creativity. It was all about the process!  
The hardest part was reminding them that if they didn't put their name on the back before beginning painting  - they most likely would not get that paper to use next week.

The last day was spent creating the landscapes. This too was a fun time. Students shared papers with each other so that they would have many different sections on their landscape. By the end of class we had a box filled with painted paper scraps and a whole class full of interesting landscapes.

Some students who worked slowly just had levels of ground for their landscapes. Students who were quicker with their cutting and gluing had time to add more paper shapes to create trees, bushes, houses, and crops to their pictures.
I helped students as they finished to mount their picture on another paper  - some two colors to add extra interest to the finished work.