Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kindergarten Self-Portrait Collage

One of my favorite self-portrait projects

I've done a whole lot of self-portraits over the years, but this is one of my favorites! The students have a fun time using all the collage materials to create themselves.

I start the students out with ovals cut from different skin tones of construction paper. We talk about how a self-portrait should represent the artist. I lay out the oval papers on a table and have them pick a skin tone by placing their hands next to each color to find the one that is closest to their own skin color. I also have the scraps from cutting out the ovals out for the students to use for a neck.

Once they have the head and neck glued down, they are able to pick from buttons, sequins, pompoms, yarn, feathers, fabric, paper scraps, beans, packing peanuts...and whatever else I dig up.

By the end of class we have some wonderful collage portraits. Of course the art room looks like a tornado hit it - collage materials everywhere! But that's the price we pay for Creativity!!

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