Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pinch Pot Faces with Growing Hair!

Make Face - Grow Hair!!
 I saw this tonight on Pinterest  and it reminded me of a project I did years ago that I need to do again! Be sure to visit Kathy Barbro's blog for info on her project along with lots of other great resources! 
 I like the flesh tone Kathy used on her planter. Years ago I did a similar project with 4th graders. We created pinch pots with faces. After they were complete we added potting soil and grass seed or perhaps chives - I don't remember which. They sat along the window sill and each week the students watched as their faces grew hair. It was a fun project that caused a lot of talk among the other students.

I think it's time to do it again!!

Here are a few of the finished faces -


  1. This is so fantastic! I am totally doing this with my ceramics students this year!

  2. Thanks Linsey! I'm sure they will have a blast with them. It could be easily adapted to a slab vessel, coil pot, or even a slump mold. Be sure and post pics!