Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Patterns are Dragon On!

Kindergarten and First Grade Pattern Review

This is a quick project that I do every few years. After working with Kindergarten and First grade students on patterns, it's a fun review and practice.
Draw out a very large dragon on bulletin paper.
Cut up paper plates into 4 sections. Give each student a section and have them use markers or crayons to create a pattern on the paper plate section. These will become the scales of the dragon. As students finish hot glue (fastest and easiest way) the sections overlapping.

I do this with both my Kindergarten and First grade classes so that there are enough "scales" to fill the dragon.

Now most years when I do this I plan for it to fall in February. This year was no different. I do this for two reasons. The first is then I could tie in with Chinese New Year celebrations. The second I have a cutesy saying that I like to put with the dragon - "Winter's DRAGON ON - Hurry Up Spring!"
However, our unusually mild Mid-West winter this year forced me to not put up that saying - it simply didn't apply this year!


  1. I think we only got accumulation from snow twice! I took down my "please snow, I'm a teacher" sign the other day. I guess it's not too late for a freak blizzard, but I'm kind of enjoying my spring flowers! I like the idea of the scales on your dragon.