Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zentangle Pumpkins

My Example
More Zentangle projects - 

4th Grade students at two of my schools are reviewing lines by doing some cool pumpkin drawings with Zentangle designs drawn in them.

They seemed to really like this project. I reminded them that it takes a while and not to rush through. 
Here's a sneak peek at some student work in progress - 

I love the way the art room is hushed when students are doing zentangles. It seems to calm them and they often loose themselves in their work. 
Finding the right music to play while they are working can be a challenge though. Does anyone have any favorite Pandora channels to play during classes for elementary students?


  1. love this! I play pandora calm meditation. It's spa music and calms the kids. The yoga stations have faster beats and I've noticed more talking :)

  2. If you choose Pandora with a name like: Napoléon Coste, you will get 15th century lute music. Very calming.